Design approach

A landmark development

We are working with the award-winning, local architecture practice David James Architects & Partners to design a landmark development which is befitting of this prominent location.

We believe the site’s natural separation from existing dwellings creates an opportunity to introduce a contemporary design approach, inspired by the site’s seafront location and local architectural styles. The apartments will be inspired by art deco styling and the houses will adopt a contemporary style, utilising high-quality building materials such as white render, natural stone cladding, aluminium window frames and glass balustrading.

Respecting neighbouring amenity

The proposed housing mix has allowed us to concentrate the built form towards the south of the site, thereby leaving extensive separation distances to existing properties in Freshwater Avenue.

This has also allowed us to retain most of the existing trees in the northern part of the site, thereby keeping this natural screening and filtering views from neighbouring properties.

There are several large, industrial buildings currently on-site and the scale of the proposed dwellings compares very favourably with these.

The apartment building will be 4 storeys in total, with a recessed top floor.

The houses will be a mixture of 2 – 3 storeys, but the living spaces are concentrated towards the south to maximise the sea views. As a result, there will be a very limited number of windows facing residential properties towards the north of the site.

Open space and landscaping

The development has been planned to retain the wooded nature of the site and keep as many of the existing high-quality trees as possible, particularly towards the north of the site.

All homes will have private gardens and the layout also incorporates a large area of open space to the north of the apartment building; this would be managed as an amenity area for new residents and we are exploring the potential of incorporating a woodland path in this location.

New tree planting within the layout will also soften the development and add visual interest.